Scrum Master要做些啥?像甘道夫一样。


本文是之前为Scrum Gathering2013准备《甘道夫–中土世界的Scrum Master》话题时总结的一些想法,更多是从内部做SM时的体会。

SM是新的角色,很多时候定位不是那么清楚。The Scrum Master is primarily responsible for “How” - using Scrum the right way.


  • Ken Schwaber’s discovery: “A dead Scrum Master is a useless Scrum Master.”
  • “A SM should know what to do, but more important is what should not do”
  • “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”

“Survival the new Role”, “Fill the gap”
SM即是内部转型的教练,同时也承担着来自”Delivery Success”的压力与动力


如果SM同时兼任团队的team lead等职责,恐怕还有更多要做的事情,比如team building/people grow等:

  1. expectation gap from diffrerent people: coach for agile, info radar, technical, communication
  2. spread agile as evangelist
  3. manage regulation risk / personal risk for “innovation ideas”: install SW, new devices
  4. as per PO:
    1. is PO in same org as team and SM?
    2. remind to inlucde all tasks into PB
    3. remind to inlucde all NFR into PB / DoD
    4. keep sprint rhythem even if sprint is fali
  5. as per Manager
    1. when asked to do thing instead of team
    2. private decisions about e.g. resource (esp. dual reporting lines)
    3. find expectation other than PO
    4. managing style gap: C&C vs. empowerment
  6. as per Teams:
    1. self-org: remind, coach, say no, group email
    2. cross-team/site gap: SoS, CI notification
    3. technology / tools gap: jenkins/Robot/nodejs
    4. practices: CI, unit test, ATDD, CSD
  7. Others in organization:
    1. adapt waterfall process (of other org) and solve env issue (delegate PjM)
    2. coodination on depedencies (technical) and even mock them
    3. work with infra / PSS / SCM
  8. Acheivement
    1. by seeing team’s working agreements
    2. team’s conversation and take responsibilites /actions in retrospective
    3. others’ feedback
    4. self-org scrum team may happen after 6~12 month, be patient
  9. external vs. internal coach